Disabled Parking - Blue Badge Scheme

The Blue Badge scheme is for people with severe mobility problems. It allows Blue Badge holders to park close to where they need to go.

The scheme operates throughout the UK. The rules and criteria are set at national level by the Government, but local authorities are responsible for managing the scheme in their area. Milton Keynes Council is responsible for administering the scheme, assessment of applications, and enforcement for residents and organisations in Milton Keynes.

Blue Badge new legislation

Currently, the criteria for Blue Badges determine eligibility based upon permanent and substantial physical disabilities which cause inability to walk or very considerable difficulty in walking a short distance.  Following consultation, the Government has decided to widen the eligibility criteria for a Blue Badges to include those with mental, intellectual and cognitive impairments who have similar mobility issues.  This change will come into force in 2019.

Until then, the Department of Transport is developing the guidance which will enable us to administer the Blue Badge Scheme and determine eligibility under the new criteria. 

For more information please go to gov.uk blue-badge 

Last Updated: 25 March 2019