Free parking for key workers during coronavirus has now ended

Free parking for key workers/carers has now ended, although NHS/carers will receive a discount. To apply for the discount in a standard purple space (signed as E1 for employee permit parking) go to permit applications


From Monday 6 April, we were offering free car parking in MK Council on-street bays to all key workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

This free parking applied to everyone on the Government’s key worker list and NHS volunteers. This is no longer available and parking must be paid for.

Parking zones information can be found on the Parking map.

Non key workers were asked to continue paying for their parking and not to request an exemption. The income from parking is essential to fund wider transport services, such as subsidised bus routes for key workers. By continuing to pay you are helping to protect this.

Please follow all Government measures and do not leave home unless travelling for food, health reasons or work (if you are unable to work from home).


Last Updated: 9 September 2020