Parking obstructions

Vehicles parked in an obstructive manner

The Police have the powers to issue fines, or in some cases remove vehicles, that are parked in an obstructive manner. This may involve blocking a private drive-way, or walkway, or parking in such a manner so as to prevent emergency vehicles free access through a street. Please note that the police no longer deal with parking obstructions which are not causing immediate danger to the public.

Please call 101 to report an obstruction.

When can the Council become involved?

The Council only has the powers to issue penalty fines for vehicles that are parked in contravention of a legal parking restriction, which will be shown by signs and lines on site, for example, a double yellow line or a resident permit parking restriction. If there are no signs and/or lines, it is likely that the matter will need to be addressed with the Police (see above).

What isn't classed as a parking obstruction?

Most roads are public highway meaning that all users have equal access. You do not have a right to park on the road outside of your property and if someone else parks there, very little can be done unless they are actually blocking your access (see 'obstruction' above). Similarly, if someone is parked in an inconsiderate manner but there is no restriction shown by lines and signs, and they are not obstructing the highway, very little can be done by either the Council or Police.

Please see Obstruction on a road, footpath or redway for more information.

Last Updated: 23 June 2020