Park and Walk

Why not combine getting some exercise with parking your car easily without having to spend time searching for a space?

Central Milton Keynes has over 20,000 parking spaces. The different types are colour coded in our Parking Guide (PDF, 3.3MB) to help you find a space.

The times taken are the return journey times to walk both to and from the final destination, so if you plan on getting a colleague to drop you back at the end of the day you will need to half the journey time and calories expended.

Car Park Located off Avebury Boulevard/Grafton Gate

No of spaces: Approx. 295
Average occupancy: 95% full to capacity
Cost: 50p per hour
Please note charges apply from 8:30am – 6pm.
Employee parking permit and scratch-card use permitted? Yes

From the car park located off Avebury Boulevard/Grafton Gate to (and from):

Final Destination Return Time Taken at Average Pace Average Calories Expended
North Third Street 15 minutes 132 Kcal
Abbey House 15 minutes 88 Kcal
Witan Court 17 minutes 144 Kcal
The Pinnacle 7 minutes 57 Kcal
Police Station/Magistrates Court 25 minutes 214 Kcal
Regency Court 21 minutes 179 Kcal
Exchange House 20 minutes 170 Kcal
English Partnerships (CBX II) 19 minutes 160 Kcal
Hub Area 18 minutes 113 Kcal
Chesterton House 13 minutes 110 Kcal
Westminster House 18 minutes 151 Kcal
Midsummer Place (The Boulevard) 23 minutes 201 Kcal
The Civic 30 minutes 264 Kcal

If you want to lose a few pounds why not have a look at the table below which shows how much weight you could lose over 6 months if you ‘park and Walk’ 

(The examples given below are approximate)

Walk From – To Total Time Spent Walking Each Day at Average Pace Weight Loss over Six Months
Avebury Boulevard/Grafton Gate Car Park – Abbey House 10 minutes 3.2lb

Alternatively, you might just want to treat yourself for the extra exercise you have taken by ‘Parking and Walking’. Have a look at the table below for the average calories (Kcal) in some common foods and treats and work out what you can indulge in.

Food Average Calories Per Portion
1 bag of Walkers crisps 132 Kcal
Walkers French Fries 82 Kcal
100g prawn crackers 534 Kcal
Aero chocolate bar 199 Kcal
Curly Wurly chocolate bar 130 Kcal
Kit Kat (4 fingers) 247 Kcal
40.7g pack of Maltesers 197 Kcal
Mars bar 281 Kcal
26g bar Milky Way 117 Kcal
Glazed doughnut 417 Kcal
Take-Away Meals (the calorie content may vary from those shown below depending upon portion size, ingredients and cooking method)
1 Spring roll 120 Kcal
Sweet and sour pork 850 Kcal
Fried rice 540 Kcal
Fish and chips 990 Kcal
Chicken korma with boiled rice and naan bread 1460 Kcal
Spaghetti carbonara 1000 Kcal
1 slice of Hawaiian pizza medium pan 245 Kcal
McDonalds Big Mac 540 Kcal
Cappuccino with skimmed milk 50 Kcal
Small (115ml) glass white wine 105 Kcal
Small (115ml) glass red wine 100 Kcal
Pint of lager 400 Kcal
Fruits (may vary depending upon size)
Orange 62 Kcal
Apple 65 Kcal
Banana 105 Kcal
1 cup of strawberries 45 Kcal

Last Updated: 9 December 2020