Parking Laws Traffic Management Act 2004

Under the Traffic Management Act, 2 tier parking penalties become applicable. This means that a lower level charge of £50.00 is applied for those contraventions deemed to be less severe, and a higher level charge of £70.00 for more serious contraventions. The charge will be reduced by 50% for prompt payment before the end of the 14 day discount period.

Contraventions such as failure to pay and display, or overstaying a parking ticket are considered to be less serious than parking on yellow lines or parking in a bay reserved for residents or disabled badge holders, so the lower level charge is applied. Generally, if you are allowed to park somewhere but you breach the restriction you will be subject to the lower level PCN charge.

Postal Penalty Charge Notices

The introduction of what is called the postal PCN is not a new concept. This power has been available in London since 2000. Milton Keynes Council will now be issuing these notices where vehicles have driven away before the PCN can be completed and issued to the motorist or attached to the vehicle. The CEO will be required to provide evidence that the PCN was 'in production' and would otherwise have to be cancelled on return to the parking office.

The new regulation will deal with those people who persistently contravene the parking regulations but simply drive away when they see a CEO or where a PCN is physically created but has not been served due to threatening behavior towards the CEO.

Other changes that will affect the motoring public in Milton Keynes include:

  • More transparency – the council will be obliged to publish parking policies such as the discretional cancellation policy and observation times. The council will also be required to publish an annual statistical report. 
  • Better training for Civil Enforcement Officers (Parking Attendants) – currently all CEO’s receive in-house training from the council’s parking contractor prior to being allowed on street. They then shadow a more senior person for a probationary period. However, in partnership with the parking contractor the council are aiming to get all CEO’s trained to national standards such as NVQ level 2 or City and Guilds.
  • There are changes to terminology, for example, Parking Attendants become Civil Enforcement Officers and decriminalised parking enforcement becomes civil parking enforcement.

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Last Updated: 9 June 2020