Parking Maps for Central Milton Keynes

Parking charges apply from 7am-6pm on all days except 25th December and Easter Sunday.

Parking Map

Central Milton Keynes has over 20,000 parking spaces. The different types are colour coded in the map below to help you find a space.

Please note charges for Commuter Parking in the Long Stay car park are £10 per day as from 1 April 2018. 

Parking Occupancy Maps

The Council undertakes yearly occupancy counts of the car parking areas in Central Milton Keynes. The maps below show the occupancy percentages taken at various times throughout the day, on a weekday, Saturday and Sunday. They serve as a useful tool for establishing where you are most likely to find a parking space closest to the location you are visiting either mid-week or at the weekend. 

Below are links to the June and historical December counts. Previous to 2016, the Council additionally conducted December counts near to Christmas. These tend to show higher parking occupancy close to the shopping areas when compared to the June counts.

The June counts are more useful for showing general parking usage away from exceptional busy periods such as the festive season.




December maps

June maps


December maps

June maps


December maps

June maps


Last Updated: 14 September 2018