What if I don’t pay?

If you ignore the Notice to Owner, or appeal and your appeal is rejected and you still do not make payment, the council will send a Charge Certificate (red letter) to the registered keeper of the vehicle with DVLA. At this stage, a 50% surcharge is added.

Payment must be made within 14 days from the service of the Charge Certificate or the outstanding amount is registered as a debt with the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC), a special County Court that deals with parking and traffic fines. Registration at TEC is an electronic process, an open hearing does not take place whereby you are able to attend and represent yourself.

The council notifies the registered keeper after the case has been registered at TEC. The keeper then has 28 days to make payment of the charge plus court costs. Failure to do this results in the 'debt' being passed to the council's certificated bailiffs, who are able to seize and sell goods to recover the charge, and their own costs, which can be quite significant.

Last Updated: 7 July 2020