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Please note parking charges apply from 7am-6pm on all days except 25 December and Easter Sunday.

Closure of Coach Park

Due to the works taking place on the new John Lewis multi-storey car park, the coach park will be closing on 8 January 2018.

We are in the process of making alternative arrangements. Please check the website for further updates.

Temporary Road Closure Marlborough Gate, Central Milton Keynes

The Council intends to make a Temporary Restriction Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 in Marlborough Gate from its junction with Silbury Boulevard to its junction with Midsummer boulevard from 15/01/2018  for 12 months.

This is to enable works to be carried out to the highway and will take effect only at times indicated by the appropriate road signs which will be erected in advance of any closure. Please see map for location (PDF, 190KB).

Parking Annual Report 2016 - 2017

Read the Parking Annual Report (PDF, 1.2MB) for 2016-2017

Parking Annual Report 2015 - 2016

Read the Parking Annual Report (PDF, 495KB) for 2015-2016

Changes to parking from 1 April 2017

As from 1 April 2017 there will be a charge of £25 for all resident and visitor Permits per permit per year. The cost has been introduced to cover the running of the permit scheme including enforcement to prevent non-residents from parking in the permit area.

The Council has also introduced a new Pay As You Go visitor permit which can be purchased through RingGo. For further information on how to apply please read this leaflet (PDF, 380KB).

The Council has approved a new parking charges fees structure where vehicles emitting less carbon will be charged less for parking than those with higher carbon emitting engines. These changes will support the Council’s low carbon commitments; these aims are to reduce congestion, improve air quality, decrease carbon emissions and increase usage of public transport into the city centre. Charges which will be effective from 1st April 2017.

The reasons for this pricing structure are to put each charge (tariff) into context with all others with charges being lowest for the most environmentally friendly and least congestion modes while the highest demand parking attracts relatively higher charges.   

List of Charges

Permit type


Proposed 2017-18


Premium Parking @ £2 ph X 8hr day X 225 working days year



It is unlikely this charge is ever incurred (other than as a non- resident commuter who is unable to find a commuter space for £10pd/£2250 pa)

MK Resident Commuter Permits



Increase from £5 to £7.50 per day (Standard charge is £10 pd)

Standard Parking @ 50pph X 8 hr day X 225 working days per year



It is unlikely this charge is incurred as if in CMK this frequently, a concessionary employee permit would be used

Single-Occupancy Vehicle Employee permit (formerly called CMK employee permit)



 Popular CMK employee concession available in permit or RingGo, part time versions also available pro rata

Low Carbon Vehicle Permit            (per vehicle) (formerly called Green permit)



Increase to 31% of cost of employee permit to improve focus on Low Carbon and EV technology

Multi-Occupancy Vehicle Permit (formerly called Car Share permit)



Based on the fact that car sharing holds  inherent savings (fuel and parking) already.   Conditions needed to permit single occupant use e.g. for holidays/other absence

EV permits £0 set to £0                                 



Terms of Central Government £9M grant given partly on basis of offering this permit free of charge for 3 years

Sundry Changes




Charges for Coach Parking


£10 per coach per visit

Proposal that coaches pay to park when visiting the shopping centre.

Theatre Multi-Storey Car Park

20p per hour

40p per hour

Increase of 20p per hour. Parking available in 4 hour slots.

Removal of Employee Scratch-cards

£2.40 per scratch-card


RingGo cashless alternative available

How this will affect you as a Milton Keynes Resident Commuter Permit Holder

The charge of the commuter permit will change from £5 per day to £7.50 per day. This brings the charge in line with the private commuter parking operators.

How this will affect you as a Central Milton Keynes Employee Permit Holder

These changes are part of a long term change to employee parking patterns and will mean the value of an employee parking permit will change from £2.40 per day to £2.80 per day. Part time permits will increase pro-rata, depending upon the number of hours worked per week.

The change applies to all forms of employee permit concession including annual, monthly and daily via RingGo.

Cardboard scratch-cards are also being taken out of service although daily payment via RingGo will remain as an alternative. This still allows for flexible working practices and also payment after an available parking space is found. Further details on RingGo can be found at

How this will affect you as a Green Permit Holder

The green parking permit will offer a 31% discount compared to the cost of a standard employee permit, so providing extra value for money for those who drive a vehicle emitting between 76g and 100g CO2 per km driven.

This will mean that the charge for green parking permits is £195 in 2017/18 and £315 in 2018/19.

Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV), including all electric vehicles that emit under 75g CO2 per km driven will remain eligible for a free parking permit.

This proposal is intended to support the uptake of ULEV’s and recognises that since the introduction of the green permit in 2011, vehicle emission technology has improved significantly. The council’s wider strategy is to encourage further take up of electric vehicle technology for which recent grant funding has been made available for both private vehicle and public transport initiatives.

How this will affect you as a Car Share Permit Holder

Car share parking permit charges will be increased from £30 per person per annum to £80 per annum in 2017/18 and £130 per annum in 2018/19.

Car share permits will continue to allow parking in over 11,000 parking spaces throughout Central Milton Keynes.

How this will affect you as an Employee Scratch-card user

From 1st April 2017, we will cease to sell employee scratch-cards. Those already in circulation will be honoured until their expiry. Users can gain the same benefits by switching to the RingGo cashless parking system, which works as a virtual scratch-card

How this will affect you as a Theatre multi-storey car park user

From 1st April you will be required to pay 40p per hour, available in 4 hour slots (£1.60) to park in this ParkMark secure car park.

New Multi-Storey Car Park Given Cabinet Approval

In January 2017, Cabinet gave approval to build a c700 space Multi-Storey Car Park in A3 (near the station – see map (PDF, 3.3MB) for location). This is subject to the planning process but expected to open in October 2018.

Parking Shop Closure

The Parking Shop at Civic is now closed. All permits will be available for purchase on line via this link easipermit online parking permits. Payment of Penalty Charge Notices can be made on line via this link PCN on line payment or by phone – 0845 230 8855.

Last Updated: 9 January 2018