Suspension or Dispensation

Please download the form below if you wish to apply for a suspension of parking bays or dispensation of restriction.

S278 Suspensions (Developer Only)

For section S278 suspensions please e-mail or telephone 01908 252309.

Suspension of bays

You can apply to have a parking bay(s) temporarily suspended.  This means that it will be coned off exclusively for your use for a designated period of time.  Signs will also be erected advising other motorists that they cannot park in that bay(s).  If other motorists do park in the bay, we can issue a parking fine.  We will not suspend disabled parking bays unless absolutely necessary.

The more notice you allow, the higher the chance of the suspension being permitted. We recommend that you allow a minimum of 10 days’ notice; however, it may be possible to accommodate your request with less notice.

Send the completed application form with payment (cash not accepted) to: Park Indigo, PO BOX 6359, Milton Keynes, MK10 1EJ.  Tel: 0845 2308855 option 3 or email

Please note that to process card payments Milton Keynes Council will need to contact the card holder or authorised user at the time of processing to complete the card transaction, this is so we comply with all legislation and for your personal protection.

Dispensation of Restriction

You can apply for a dispensation of restrictions.  This will allow you to park in a place where you would otherwise not be permitted, e.g. on yellow lines or for longer than allowed in a time limited area.

There must be a valid reason for the suspension or dispensation, please see the list below.  You cannot have a suspension or dispensation simply to allow you to park to go to work or to park outside your house.  A suspension/dispensation will normally be permitted for:

  • Building, industrial or demolition purposes
  • Maintenance, improvement or reconstruction of the parking place or highway
  • For the removal of furniture
  • For weddings and funerals
  • For special occasions

Suspension or Dispensation Application Form (PDF, 96KB)

Last Updated: 13 December 2018