Planning our repairs and maintenance

Potholes are the most common highways problem we are contacted about and one of the areas that we spend most budget on. Doing patch repairs may be quicker and cheaper but they don't last as long and the pothole may reappear after a few months. We'd like to be able to repair all road defects but our budget is limited so instead we plan to prevent potholes forming in the first place by carrying out permanent, quality repairs, we do this by:

  • Pinpoint which road surfaces are older and may need attention using road condition data
  • Carrying out emergency repairs where needed with a temporary repair initially following up with a permanent repair
  • Using the latest technology, materials and techniques
  • High standards for scheme designs and specifications
  • Coordinate roadworks where possible e.g. with utilities to minimise digging up the road surfaces especially after recent repairs
  • Investing our budget in long term solutions not quick, patch up repairs
  • Resurfacing sections of road where there are multiple defects e.g. potholes

Our inspectors are also out on the network on a daily basis looking for any issues but if you see a pothole, please report it to us using the Report It section. All potholes reported to us are inspected by highways officers. If they meet our repair criteria then they will be scheduled in for repair.

More information

You can find out where and when roadworks are taking place in MK on 

If you're on social media you can follow us on Twitter (@mkcouncil) or Facebook (mkcouncil1). Our service provider, Ringway also post regular updates on their own Twitter page @ringway_mk

Detailed project information can also be found on our sister website

Last Updated: 26 August 2020