Transport Policy


The Milton Keynes Mobility Strategy 2018-2036 was adopted in March 2018.  The Action Plan was developed and adopted by the Council in October 2018.  The Action Plan explains the next steps being undertaken to implement the Mobility Strategy

Mobility Strategy 2018-2036

Strategy for First and Last Mile 2017 (as submitted to the National Infrastructure Commission submission)

Local Transport Plan 3 for Milton Keynes (LTP3)

LTP3 has been reviewed and updated by the Mobility Strategy 2018-2036

Below are the documents that make up the LTP3 report.

Other Strategy Documents Related to LTP3

These documents will be reviewed and updated as position statements over the next two years, through the Mobility Strategy Action Plan.  The following LTP3 sub-strategies will have a full refresh and others will have a more modest update



Milton Keynes multi-modal model has been updated to base year 2016



​Bid Funding Applications



Parking Standards can be found under the Related Links section.

Information on the supply and costs of traffic data can be found here: Historic Traffic Data


Last Updated: 11 February 2019