Kingston Roundabout Improvements and A421 Dualling

The next phase of dualling the A421 is in partnership with Central Bedfordshire Council. You can read about the full proposal and plans here


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The funding bid and project overview

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Project Details

Following a successful bid for £8.81m of government funding aimed at easing congestion at ‘bottleneck’ areas including the A421 and Kingston roundabout, work was started on Monday 17th February 2014 by Milton Keynes Council to clear the areas around the A421 from Fen Farm to Eagle Farm roundabouts, ahead of this busy stretch of road being widened into a dual carriageway.

The site clearance work took place outside of peak hour traffic to minimise delays. Main construction work is expected to run from July 2014 to mid-2015.

At the same time, the Kingston roundabout will also be improved by enlarging and signalising the junction. Improved pedestrian and cyclist connections for the area, including underpasses, will also be provided.

The schemes will cost around £17m in total and the remainder of the funding will come from developer contributions.


Funding Announced

On 31st May 2013 the Department for Transport (DfT) announced that Milton Keynes Council’s Pinch Point Fund bids had been approved for funding. The DfT has allocated £3.962m for the A421 Dualling scheme and £4.85m for the Kingston Roundabout improvement. The Council, in consultation with local communities, will now progress the schemes.

Scheme Details

As part of the 2012 Autumn Statement the government announced the creation of a Local Pinch Point Fund to remove bottlenecks on the local highway network which are impeding growth. The fund reflects the government’s commitment to supporting economic growth by tackling barriers on the local highway network that may be restricting the movement of goods and people.

The purpose of the Local Pinch Point Fund is to tackle obstacles on the local transport network that restrict growth by limiting the movement of goods, employees and customers.

This investment will fund improvements which have an immediate impact on growth with the aim that all schemes will be delivered as quickly as possible - funding will be available until March 2015. The schemes delivered as part of this programme will help create additional jobs and housing and could include:

Full details of the Local Pinch Point Fund are available on DfT website: Local pinch point fund details from the DfT

Milton Keynes Council has applied for two Pinch Point Fund bids;

  • Kingston Roundabout Improvements
  • Dualling of A421 to Eagle Farm North Roundabout from Fen Farm Roundabout

Kingston Roundabout Improvements

Kingston roundabout serves as a prominent gateway to the Milton Keynes. The roundabout currently experiences queues in excess of 1km during the AM and PM peak hours and improvement will protect and support earlier investment, for example M1 J14 Gateway, by providing a viable and attractive alternative gateway to Milton Keynes.

The delivery of the project would unlock a key bottleneck (pinch point) that will help enable full development of the large footprint employment sites within the eastern Expansion Area (Magna Park) and the allocated employment and housing sites within the Strategic Land Allocation (SLA) identified in the Council’s Core Strategy for the A421 corridor. The project will deliver new physical infrastructure to unlock land and development along the eastern flank of Milton Keynes, by reducing current congestion issues and inspiring confidence within the development industry and business community that supporting infrastructure is/ will be in place to sustain growth.

Dualling of A421 to Eagle Farm North Roundabout from Fen Park Farm

The A421 corridor provides strategic transport access between M1 Junction 13 and Central Milton Keynes via the primary grid network. It is also a regional/ sub-regional priority for improved east-west links passing through the City to improve access to the heart of England via the A421 link from A1; M1 to M40 via Milton Keynes.

The proposed dualling of the carriageway is approximately 1Km east of Kingston junction, from Fen Farm Roundabout to Eagle Farm North Roundabout. The aim of the scheme is to further increase capacity to accommodate projected traffic growth along the A421 and release significant development opportunities for the eastern part of Milton Keynes.

Through providing route continuity for an important conduit linking M1 J13 with Milton Keynes and beyond, the scheme will help Milton Keynes to develop in line with its Core Strategy.

Full details of both the Pinch Point Fund bids are available below:


Last Updated: 18 July 2018