Urban Traffic Management Control

Phase one of the traffic signal upgrade work will restart on 14 September. This will include the installation of new signals at the junctions for Silbury Boulevard/Grafton Gate and Lower Ninth/Avebury Boulevard.

We’ve completed phase one of the traffic signal upgrade at three junctions at Saxon Gate/Silbury Boulevard, Saxon Gate/Avebury Boulevard and Witan Gate/Silbury Boulevard.

We have a priority to tackle transport issues and improve public transport across the city and we will do this by investing in our highway network, implement more reliable journey times and better supported public transport.

As the city continues to grow the use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITC) and the Urban Traffic Management Control project this work is being undertaken using grant monies totalling £2m from the Department for Transport will help to accommodate the needs of current and future travel demand.

Across CMK, 16 sets of new traffic lights are currently being upgraded. We’re sorry for the necessary disruption during this work and thank you for your patience.

Other work to be undertaken under this project includes:

  • the installation of CCTV at those sites
  • the installation of new Variable Message Screens across Milton Keynes in key locations to help inform road users regarding available parking/incidents on the road network/diversions/event information

Project objectives

  • manage the existing highway network more efficiently to accommodate current and future travel demand
  • implement intelligent transport technology to improve traffic at key pinch-point junctions
  • improve bus priority measures to support service reliability and reduce journey times

Last Updated: 14 September 2020