Obstruction on a road, footpath or redway


Obstructions on the Highway

Please tell us about any form of obstruction on the roads or pavement. These may include such things as advertising boards ('A-boards') on the pavement, building materials placed on the highway or pavement by builders or contractors, or general debris which may cause a hazard to road users or pedestrians.

Please report these issues to Milton Keynes Council by emailing our Customer Services Team, or calling 01908 252353.

Obstruction by Vehicles

Thames Valley Police are responsible for traffic enforcement issues on the Highway in Milton Keynes and this includes obstruction caused by vehicles, such as blocking a pavement or access to a driveway.

Enforcement of parking restrictions such as double yellow lines is managed by Milton Keynes Council. Please see our Parking pages for more information.

To report a vehicle causing obstruction to Thames Valley Police please contact them by phone on 101.

Last Updated: 7 January 2021