Report a Dead Animal in a public place

Only use our online form for the following animals, we do not remove dead animals that are smaller than a cat. 

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Deer
  • Badger
  • Fox
  • Swan (or Wildfowl)

Requests will be dealt with Monday to Friday 8am-4pm.

Report a dead animal in a public place

If you are reporting dead animals in public places after Friday 3pm, Saturday or Sunday, please call our out of hours service on 01908 226699.

If the dead animal is smaller than a Cat, we will not remove - please do not proceed with the form.

Please note that the Council are not responsible for clearing dead animals from major highways such as the M1 and A5. These are the responsibility of Highways England.  For more information please email Highways England or telephone 0300 123 5000 NOTE  

Call Charges Apply Click here to find out more.

Last Updated: 4 October 2018