Report Litter, Glass, Flytipping or Graffiti

If you find any fly-tipped waste, graffiti, dog fouling or fly posters or see anyone tipping or doing graffiti please tell us about it.

Waste dumping, fly-tipping, dog fouling and graffiti are a problem in Milton Keynes. The council has many legal powers to address these problems but we do need your help.

Flytips and dumped rubbish cannot be caused by our collection contractors.  If they have not collected your waste then please log the issue as a missed collection.  If the crews have caused spillage, this can be reported through the littering form - however if the spillage is because bags have been attacked by animals scavenging for food that has not been secured in a green bin then the responsibility lies with the resident to clear the mess.

Report issues with litter, litter bins or dog fouling

Report issues with dumped rubbish (fly-tipping) or abandoned trolleys

Report hazardous debris on roads or broken glass

Report graffiti


If you are reporting an environmental crime you will need to give us your name and address so that we can contact you for more information if we need to. We treat all information about you in complete confidence and we don't tell the culprits who has given us the information.  We still investigate anonymous reports, but we may not be able to take any action against the culprit unless there is evidence.

Last Updated: 11 December 2018