Report litter, glass, fly tipping or graffiti


MK Council has legal powers to deal with those:

  • Dumping rubbish
  • Those who don't clean up after their dogs
  • And those who graffiti

You can easily report this online or on the phone. Here's how:

Report issues with litter, litter bins or dog fouling  Please report issues with dog litter bins to your local parish or town council.

Report hazardous broken debris on roads or broken glass

Report graffiti in a public area

Report issues with fly tipping (dumped rubbish) or abandoned trolleys

Or call our Customer Services team on: 01908 252570.

When reporting an environmental crime we will ask for your name and address as we may need to contact you for more information. All reports are confidential and the culprits will not be informed of your details. We still investigate anonymous reports, but we may not be able to take any action against the culprit unless there is evidence.

Last Updated: 7 April 2022