Damage to a road, footway or redway

If you need to report damage on a road (pothole), footway or redway to us please click on the 'Report It' button below.

Our inspectors check our network on a daily basis to look for any maintenance or repair issues however the network covers many miles so we can't always pick up every issue. Some roads or footpaths may not be adopted by the Council such as new estates which are still owned by the developer. These issues will need to be reported to the landowner.

Here's some of the types of issue you can report to us:

  • Road surface defects e.g. potholes
  • Missing or broken paving slabs
  • Damaged or dislodged kerbs
  • Cracked redway surface

You can find out more about how we prioritise our pothole maintenance on our Pothole page

Our Service Standards can be viewed on the Highways and Transport Hub homepage

Report it: Roads, Footways and Redways

Last Updated: 17 January 2022