Faulty or damaged street lights

You can report a fault with a street light using the Report It button below or you can call on 01908 252353. For out of hours emergencies (weekend/evening) call 01908 226699.

We maintain over 56,000 street lights across MK so please include the column reference number when you are reporting the faulty street light to us. Any repairs are prioritised so that the urgent, emergency works are done first. This would include a leaning column, exposed wires or missing door or vandalised underpass lights.

Some faults may take longer to find and fix due to access issues, getting the special materials if needed or because the cabling is extensive under the ground. Sometimes if the damage is a feeder pillar it may take longer to do the repairs as this may connect several lights.

Other repairs will be scheduled in as part of our routine repairs such as 'dayburners' which are lights that are on during the day. This happens when the sensor in the light is faulty so doesn't turn the light off at dawn.

Report Street lighting problem

How long does it take to repair?

This depends on the type of fault and what repair needs to be done.  Some repairs will take longer as we have to request that the light column is disconnected and then reconnected from the grid by Western Power.  The whole process can take up to 60 days, here is an example of a replacement column repair timescale:

Fault reported

Engineer visits the site to inspect, within seven days and identifies the need for new column

  • new column ordered
  • removal of the old or damaged column and installation of the new one within 28 calendar days
  • ordering the transfer of the power supply within 20 working days

Our target dates by repair are:

Type of repair Duration
Urgent issues

2 hours to check

24 hours to make safe where necessary

Follow-up orders for work as per other repairs below

Lamp out single non-grid road

Lamp out three or more adjacent a roundabout and on a grid road
7 calendar days from receipt of report

Lamp out single grid road

28 calendar days from receipt
Light on all day In a planned way every 2/3 months
Install a replacement column 28 calendar days
Install/& connect a new power supply to a column 20 working days*
Repair to underground electrical cables feeding street lights 28 calendar days*

* subject to alteration by the local energy supply company.

Energy supplier faults

Western Power, supplies the streetlights with electricity and it owns and maintains some cables.  Ringway liaises with Western Power to resolve this type of fault within 20 working days of its identification, having completed much of its work before Western Power comes on site. This timeframe may not always be possible since the repair of energy supply faults to homes and businesses takes priority. OFGEM monitors the delivery of the services provided by DNO’s.

Last Updated: 9 September 2020