Street Lighting

We are currently carrying out vital work across the borough to make sure that lights in both urban and rural areas meet the latest standards, including being more energy efficient.

Call us on our emergency line if you are reporting any of the issues below:

  • Column leaning or knocked down
  • Exposed wires
  • Door off or requires attention
  • Underpass vandalised or too dark to see all the way through at night.

Mon – Fri 9:00am to 5:15pm, Call 01908 252353 (Please note that the contact centre opens later, at 10:00am, on Wednesdays) 

Outside office hours (5:15pm to 9:00am) and weekends call 01908 226699

For all other non-urgent street lighting issues use our online form:

How will my report be dealt with?

Urgent issues that are telephoned through to our operator will be treated as a high priority and where the issue is of an urgent nature it's checked within 2 hours. Where necessary it will be made safe and if any follow-up work is required, this is usually undertaken alongside other general maintenance work for street lighting.

When we receive a report of a defect via the online form, a site inspection is scheduled to determine the appropriate action. If the defect is considered dangerous, a temporary repair will take place within 2 hours of the inspection to make sure the street light is safe.

We will aim to repair a ‘light out’ within 7 days of reporting (28 days for a single light out on a grid road). If there is a problem with the electricity cable feeding the column, we will notify the utility company who will attend to carry out the repair. These repairs usually take around 28 days.The outcome of the inspection may be that no repair is currently required. In these cases, the report is kept to support future improvement programmes and maintenance decisions.

Last Updated: 6 December 2017