Street lighting

We are carrying out vital work to make sure that lights operate correctly and meet the latest standards, including being more energy efficient.

Some street lights may not be working and there is a problem to report. In most cases we can repair the fault easily and quickly by replacing parts. Sometimes it is more serious and it can take longer where we need to replace the column, cables, ducting and other equipment, arrange the transfer the electrical supply, or redesign and install a new lighting scheme.

Call our emergency line if you are reporting :

  • a column leaning or knocked down

  • exposed wires

  • a door off or requires attention

  • an underpass vandalised or too dark to see all the way through at night

On Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:15pm, call 01908 252353. Please note that on Wednesdays the contact centre opens later, at 10:00am. 

On weekdays after 5:15pm and before 9:00am and weekends call 01908 226699

For all non-urgent street lighting issues use our online form:

What information will I need to provide?

Please have the following information to hand when reporting a fault.

  • Road name
  • Number on column. This is normally on the lamp post approximately two metres from the ground facing the road.
  • Detail of the problem
  • Details of any building or landmarks close to the street light, such as house name or number, post boxes and bus stops etc.
  • Your name and telephone number and email address so that we can contact you to clarify details.

How long does it take to repair?

We have target dates for repairing faults and repairs involving our contractor Ringway and, often, the electricity supply company, the Distribution Network Operator (DNO), Western Power.  In most cases, we first raise a fault as a seven calendar day repair. We inspect the streetlight and, if necessary, raise a further job depending on the type of repair work needed.  This follow-up work may take many days.

For example, to replace column may take up to 60 days from first inspection to completion, involving:

  • a site visit to inspect, within seven days, which identifies the need for  new column
  • ordering of the new column installation and removal of the existing within 28 calendar days
  • ordering the transfer of the power supply within 20 working days

Our target dates by repair are:

Type of repair Duration
Urgent issues

2 hours to check

24 hours to make safe where necessary

Follow-up orders for work as per other repairs below

Lamp out single non-grid road

Lamp out three or more adjacent a roundabout and on a grid road
7 calendar days from receipt of report

Lamp out single grid road

28 calendar days from receipt
Light on all day In a planned way every 2/3 months
Install a replacement column 28 calendar days
Install/& connect a new power supply to a column 20 working days*
Repair to underground electrical cables feeding street lights 28 calendar days*

* subject to alteration by the local energy supply company.

Energy supplier faults

Western Power, supplies the streetlights with electricity and it owns and maintains some cables.  Ringway liaises with Western Power to resolve this type of fault within 20 working days of its identification, having completed much of its work before Western Power comes on site. This timeframe may not always be possible since the repair of energy supply faults to homes and businesses takes priority. OFGEM monitors the delivery of the services provided by DNO’s.



Last Updated: 5 February 2020