Safety Advice for Driving in Hazardous Conditions

Useful safety advice when driving in poor conditions such as snow, ice, fog and excessive rain.

When driving in fog, snow, excessive rain or icy conditions:

  • avoid travelling unless you have to
  • stay calm
  • look as far ahead as possible
  • reduce the distractions in your car so that you can give the road and the vehicles around you your full attention
  • make sure you and any passengers are wearing seatbelts (legal requirement)
  • drive at a speed that suits the conditions
  • make sure all the outside lights of your car are on
  • brake slowly and avoid doing any sudden manoeuvres
  • be patient – don’t overtake or tailgate and try to avoid changing lanes or crossing traffic
  • increase the distance between you and the car in front because the bad conditions will increase your braking distance
  • keep windows and mirrors as clean as possible
  • try to get off the road into a safe parking area if visibility gets too low
  • DON’T stop suddenly
  • DON’T try to overtake or speed up to get away from a vehicle driving too close behind you.




Last Updated: 2 September 2020