Road and Street Signs

Signs are essential on the highways to keep roads safe and to provide directions. We look after all the signs on the MK highways. Highways England cover the A5 and M1 signs.

Report a problem with a sign

There are many signs on the highways. Most of these are either for the safety for all road users or to provide directions. The main signs are the large green directional signs which are on the grid roads and direct drivers to the main routes and other neighbouring towns such as the M1, white estate signs and street name plates.

We maintain signs on the public highways which includes cleaning, repairs and replacement. We regularly inspect signs to make sure they are readable, unobscured and are not missing or damaged. Some signs are illuminated so we will also check if the power supply is working.

Our budget for signage is very limited. We will prioritise any missing signs first before damaged or faded ones.

A large number of our signs, barriers and bollards are damaged by drivers or from a road traffic collision. If we can, we will claim the costs of the repairs back from the driver's insurance company. These are called Green Claims. The process can take a while and we may needs to leave the damaged item/s on the network if they are not causing a safety issue.


Unauthorised Signs on the Highway

Any signage including banners, 'A' boards and notices placed without consent on the public highway anywhere in the MK Borough area will be removed. This is to protect all road users affected by the nuisance of unauthorised signs which can create a distraction or simply obstruct visibility.

Signs placed on our highway assets including roadside verges, footways and other paved areas, protective mesh barriers above underpasses, attached to street lights or on roundabouts without permission will be removed by us under the Highways Act 1980.

As unauthorised signs are a potential safety hazard we will not provide prior warning before removing them.

Report any illegal signage to us by emailing the location to or call 01908 252353. You can also report any old, defunct signs or bollards to us too.

For more information about the Highways Act 1980, visit


Street Name Plates

Street name plates help to direct people, delivery drivers and emergency services around the local estates in MK. These signs show the name of the street and are black text on a white background fixed into the ground. Some of the older estates may have brown text on a white background.

We are responsible for all street nameplates within the borough on adopted highways and will repair or replace any that have been damaged, vandalised or have become faded over time. You can report a damaged or missing sign on the link above. 

In new developments the developer is responsible for the installing name plates based on our specifications. You can read more about this on our Adoptions page.

Budget has been made available in 2021-22 to repair or replace street name plates that have been assessed as high priority. This means they are either missing completely or are illegible due to fading. 

You can view the list of street names included in our 2022 Repair Programme below. This list may be subject to changes. This list includes as many street name plates as possible wihtin the budget. There may be some that have been reported to us not included on this list and these will be repaired or replaced when budget becomes available.

View the street name plates to be repaired, replaced or rewrapped, if faded this year on our Street Name Plate Repair and Replacement Programme Jan-Mar 2022  (PDF, 228KB)

Last Updated: 27 January 2022