Road Closures and Restrictions

We use different regulatory powers to address any problems on the highways such as road safety issues. We also help event organiser to keep a road section separate and safe so they can hold events like marathons, street parties and festivals.
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Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO)

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is a legal document that allows us as the Highways Authority in MK to limit or prohibit the movement of traffic on the highway.  They include restrictions on height and weight of vehicles, speed, movement and parking. Often a TRO is introduced as a direct result of a request from the local community to address a particular issue such as parked vehicles. We may also be asked by Thames Valley Police for a TRO if something is a road safety issue. If we decide there is a safety risk to the public then an Emergency TRO can be made and in place immediately.

Before introducing a TRO a public consultation may be held however if the aim is to address road safety issues, then we do not need to consult.

A TRO is legally enforceable and anyone found in breach of one may be prosecuted. Penalties include large fines, points on a driving licence and in some cases, disqualified from driving. 

Permanent Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)

A permanent TRO is a fixed order for things like speed limits or loading restrictions.

Other Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)

These may include parking restrictions or for pedestrian crossings.

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO)

If you want to close or restrict any part of the highway for a short period up to 18 months then you will need to apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order. The only reasons for this type of order are:

  • Streetworks - activities being carried out on or near to the highway such as utility repairs.
  • Public Safety - if there is any danger to the public
  • Cleansing -  litter picking and cleaning

You can find out more including our Terms and Conditions in our TTRO General Guidance Document (DOCX, 836KB)

If you have a question please call 01908 252353 or email

Apply for a Temporary Traffic Order

If you want to close a road for an event you will need to complete the appropriate Temporary Traffic Order form (see below). You must send this to us at least 12 weeks before the date you need to close the road.

There are three types of application form, 14 (1), 16 (A) and 21. Make sure you choose the correct form for the type of activity you are applying for. 









There is a fee of £2203 for temporary closures or traffic restrictions. This covers the cost of processing and the Public Notice in the local paper which is a statutory legal requirement.

If a further notice is required this will be an additional £510.

Where a particular Order is complex in nature and would result in substantial additional costs, the Council reserves the right to seek an additional contribution, but in this event the applicant would be advised within ten days of the application being received.

The fee is waived for social events such as carnival parades and street parties organised by non-profit making organisations.


If your application is refused it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The speed limit is greater than 30mph.
  • The road space has been reserved for works to be carried out on the highway.
  • The application form was received too late.
  • The physical measures that the applicant intends to use in order to close the road are not adequate and/or safe.

For more information, please contact our Traffic regulation order (TRO) Team for support they will be able to answer questions and provide information to help you with your application.


Street Parties, Festivals and other Events

You must contact us at least 2 weeks before your event to apply for a road closure.

Before contacting us to apply for a road closure please take a few minutes to read through the guidance notes. 


We do not charge for the legal process to close a road for a street party, but you will need to find some road signs to tell drivers that the road is closed.

Clearing up

You will need to clear up any waste following your event. Remember to leave some time before your road closure notice finishes to allow for this. 

More information is on our Waste and Recycling pages


If you are having music please be considerate to your neighbours and do not play music too loudly especially in the evening. Remember that some residents may have young children or work shifts. They may not be able or choose not to attend the party.

Risk assessments

You do not need a formal risk assessment but you may want to carry out your own to think about how you can reduce risks to people, equipment or the road, i.e. have a back up for bad weather or if it is forecast to be very hot remember to have plenty of water available and shade. 


Any bunting must be erected above the minimum height to allow emergency vehicles and bin lorries through without causing obstruction. Do not attach anything to the street light columns, road signs or barriers. Any decorations must be disposed of properly and soon after the event has finished.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or want to apply for a temporary road closure call 01908 254604 to speak to our Highways team. Or you can email them at

Last Updated: 13 December 2021