Verges, Dropped Kerbs & Vehicle Access Crossings

Most verges in MK are Council-owned and maintained. Obstructions or damage to a verge can cause serious problems which is why there is legislation to protect them.

Verges (Highways)

A roadside verge is the strip of land between the road kerb and another boundary. This may be a wall, fence or a building. Verges can be all grass, asphalt or include trees and hedges. They are a useful buffer between the road traffic and the areas nearby.

They also provide an overspill space for vehicles to pass other road users e.g. cyclists or pedestrians. Most verges on the highways are Council-owned which also means we are responsible for their maintenance, landscaping and enforcement. Some may be privately-owned and are unadopted such as new developments or in rural areas.

You can find out what areas are Council-owned using the My MK Mapping tool on our homepage

Verge parking and protection

In urban areas where parking is limited, verge parking can be a big problem. Vehicles parking repeatedly on a soft, grass verge will damage the ground, which may contain several underground utility cables and pipes, and it can become very muddy and unsightly. It may also cause kerbs to become dislodged. Vehicles that are parked on a verge close to a bend, narrow road or near a junction can also hinder visibility for drivers and causes an obstruction for pedestrians. A driver can be prosecuted if their vehicle is persistently causing an obstruction, damaging a verge or is parked dangerously.

It is also an offence to place obstacles, such as concrete blocks or rocks, on the verge which is public highway. Some residents may do this to prevent parking but it is still an obstruction of the highway. Pedestrians or cyclists may injure themselves on these items especially when visibility is poor or if they are covered by snow or grass. If items like this are reported to us, we will ask the owner to remove them. If they fail to do this we will take enforcement action to have them removed.

In some areas where verge parking is a persistent problem and a road safety issue, we may install ascot fencing to stop vehicles from parking there but this is dependent on budget. Where vehicles repeatedly drive over a verge we may also consider grasscrete  but this would be as a last resort.

You can report issues with verges to us on 01908 252353 or email Landscaping issues should be reported to the Environment Team.

Vehicle Crossing and Dropped Kerbs

A vehicle crossing or dropped kerb is where the footway is strengthened and the kerb lowered so vehicles can move between the road and a property.

You must apply to the council for a licence to install a vehicle crossing as it is illegal to drive across a footway or grass verge to access a property. This is because a footway is not designed to take the weight of a vehicle constantly crossing it and it could result in damage to underground services like fibre optic cables or pipes and you may be causing damage to the footpath which is a trip hazard for pedestrians.

A vehicle crossing application costs £199 which you must pay when you apply. This is non-refundable so it's important that you check that your location meets our criteria before applying. This fee covers the inspection and administration of the work.

The information pack for the Vehicle Crossing Application is available below:

Apply for a vehicle crossing (PDF, 355KB)


Last Updated: 20 October 2021