Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Discover where you can charge your electric vehicle and what charges apply.

The Council has installed 170 standard/fast electric vehicle charging points and 56 rapid electric vehicle charging points, all of which are publicly available and located throughout the borough, with a significant concentration in Central Milton Keynes. All of the charge points are managed by the Council’s partner, Chargemaster. You can join the national POLAR scheme operated by Chargemaster which will allow you to use the charge points in Milton Keynes. You can also pay as you go. For details of the locations of charge points and charges applicable please visit the Chargemaster website.

All rapid chargers (currently available for 2 hours only) and electric vehicle spaces with 'Electric Vehicle Charging Only‘ marked on the signage, can only be used by electric vehicles that are plugged in and charging. Electric vehicle motorists do not need to pay to park if parking in these spaces whilst they are plugged in and charging.

We also operate dual restriction bays which are reserved for electric vehicles only during 7am – 10am and 4pm – 6pm. During the core hours of 10am – 4pm any vehicle can use the spaces, subject to the surrounding parking restriction. Electric vehicles do not have to pay to park in these bays.

Changes to Green Permits for Electric Vehicles

To support and encourage the use of ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles), Milton Keynes Council has agreed to remove the normal fee for certain Green Parking Permits for parking in Central Milton Keynes from 7th July 2016. The permit will allow ULEVs to park for free in the standard charge (purple bays). Charges still apply to premium (red) bays. The parking restrictions for charging bays remain unchanged, and the vehicles will need to be charging in certain Electric Vehicle bays – please check the signage when parking.

To qualify for the free permit, the vehicle must be classified as a ULEV in line with the criteria set by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (PDF, 140KB). The criteria is that vehicles must be either wholly electric or plug in hybrids with a range of at least 15 miles on pure electric. A list of current vehicles which qualify is set out in the attached PDF document.

To apply for a permit please first create an account and then complete the application for the low emission green permit. Your vehicle will then be registered as a qualifying ULEV, and can enjoy free parking in the city centre.

Please note that as from 1 April 2018 vehicles with emissions above 76g/km but below 100g/km will still need to purchase the Green Permit at a cost of £315 per annum. If preferred you can apply for a 3 monthly permit at a cost of £78.75, 6 monthly at £157.50 or 9 monthly at  £236.25.

Unfortunately the council cannot offer refunds to ULEVs which already have a green permit issued – sorry. 

For more details and membership, visit the Chargemaster website:

General parking map (PDF, 3.3MB) for Central Milton Keynes, also showing electric vehicle bays.

Last Updated: 18 March 2019