Travel Planning

Milton Keynes Council promotes the use of sustainable modes of travel, giving information on the range of travel choices available across the Borough.

Travel Planning - An overview of Travel Planning.

Residential Travel Planning - Information for new residents and developing Residential Travel Plans.

School Travel Planning - How to develop a School Travel Plan.

Visitors - Planning your visit to MK using sustainable modes.

Station Travel Planning - Find out about Station Travel Plans in MK.


Travel Planning

An overview of Travel Planning

Sustainable modes of travel include:

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Car share
  • Public transport
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Reducing the need to travel

By providing information and supporting the promotion of smarter travel choices we can help reduce the number of cars on our roads, encourage people to get active and help reduce CO2 levels from car emissions.

One way of encouraging sustainable modes of travel is through the development of travel plans. A travel plan is a range of measures aiming to reduce the amount of single occupancy car journeys and to promote a wider range of sustainable travel choices.

Milton Keynes is expected to grow over the coming years, and therefore, Milton Keynes Council realises that it is of particular importance that we raise the profile of the benefits of travelling sustainably.

Through our Smarter Choices programme we engage with schools, developers, businesses and residents to provide guidance and information in the development of travel plans.

For more information please contact Milton Keynes Council’s Transport Planners (Smarter Choices) who will be more than happy to provide support to help you develop your travel plan.


Station Travel Planning

  • What is a Station Travel Plan?
  • Wolverton Station Travel Plan

What is a Station Travel Plan?

Station travel plans are used often to promote door-to-door sustainable journeys, encouraging people to walk, cycle, car share or take public transport to the station. A station travel plan often includes both promotion and hard measures (ie. infrastructure)

A station travel plan often brings together all the stakeholders with an interest in rail stations (rail industry, local authorities, passenger groups, bus operators, cyclists and others) to develop a plan and agree aims, objectives and a way to deliver the travel plan.

Wolverton Station Travel Plan

A travel plan has been developed for Wolverton Station. The plan focuses managing travel generated by the station, with the aim of reducing its environmental impact and encouraging more travel by rail. This typically involves support for walking, cycling, buses and better car park management.

The Travel Plan was produced for the Wolverton Travel Plan steering group by Transport Regeneration Limited. Stakeholders on the project are: rail operator London Midland, bus company Arriva, Milton Keynes Council, Wolverton & Greenleys Town Council, New Bradwell Parish Council, Stony Stratford Parish Council and Marston Vale Community Rail Partnership. 


Last Updated: 5 March 2021