Abandoned and Sublet Properties

Use this form to report Abandoned or Sublet Properties.

What is an abandoned property?

This is where a tenant / resident moves out of their home permanently or for long periods and do not inform us. They may leave the property unsecured which leaves it an easy target for vandalism or squatters and affect the visual appearance of your street.

Vandalism and security measures costs you money and can lead to unsightly environments where people eventually may not want to live or lead to you wanting to move out. It also means that we may be missing an opportunity to re-house a member of your family, friends or people in need who are awaiting a new home.

What is a sub-let property?

Customers in England may not sublet the whole of the property under any circumstances. This means you cannot move out and let your home to someone else.

Unlawful subletting is when a customer signs a tenancy agreement with us but doesn't live in the property. Instead they charge someone else to live in the property without our permission and earn money from the rent. This is now illegal.

Unlawfully sublet homes can cost Milton Keynes Council thousands of pounds every year. They also reduce the number of homes we can offer to genuine applicants and add to the length of time genuine customers have to wait to move.

What do I do if I am aware of an abandoned or sub-let property?

If you think one of your neighbours has abandoned or sub-let their home, please contact us as soon as you suspect that this has happened by completing this form with as much information as possible.  report Abandoned or Sublet Properties.

Last Updated: 30 November 2017