Report a Repair (Mears)

Milton Keynes Council’s repairs and maintenance service to council homes is delivered by Mears

How to contact Mears

For all repairs and gas services enquiries you can

  • Complete a Repair Request/Enquiry Form
  • Telephone Mears on 0330 123 2522 (this number is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • email Mears repairs team at with your details and a brief description of your repair and the Mears call centre will contact you to make an appointment.

When will the repair happen?

Mears arrange their work according to the type of repair required.  

  • Emergency repairs – made safe within 4 hours. If the repair is assessed as affecting the safety and security of your home, Mears operatives will be at your property within 4 hours.  
  • Routine repairs – within 28 days. All non-emergency repairs will be given a repair appointment within 28 days of your call.

Repair appointments

Mears repairs service offers appointments between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday,  you will be given either an am (8am to 1pm), pm (1pm to 5pm) or all day (8am to 5pm) slot. This means that an operative or contractor will arrive at your home within that time period. 

  • Mears staff and contractors will identify themselves on arrival and will show you their identification. If you are unsure, please contact 0330 123 2522 to check. 
  • Mears staff and contractors will tidy up after the repair and you may be contacted by our Customer Care team to check you are happy with the repair to your home.

The aim is to complete the work on the first visit, but depending on the repair it may be necessary for a follow up visit and the Mears operative will inform you of this.

Last Updated: 13 September 2021