Council Housing - Repairs, maintenance, adaptations and alterations

Milton Keynes Council looks after all council homes, most work needed will be carried out by the Council's repairs and maintenance service (Mears). 

Council Repairs

To arrange a repair by Mears please see Report a repair (Mears)

If a property is damaged by the tenant or a visitor to their home, whether it is an accident or not, the council may charge for any repairs that it does.

Tenant Repairs and Maintenance

There are some things that Milton Keynes Council is not responsible for, your tenancy conditions explain what tenants must replace or repair.

You should make sure that any equipment in your home is checked regularly and kept in clean and working order, this includes safety equipment such as smoke alarms. If you think it is damaged, has become unreliable or is broken you should report this for a repair.

If you have a gas heating and /or water system the Council will make arrangements for this to be serviced. 

Adaptations and Alterations 

If you would like to make an alteration to your home, you must get permission from the Council BEFORE you do the work. Permission will usually be given, provided the request is reasonable and the work will not cause us expense or make it difficult to re-let the property or cause complaints from other residents. We may agree permission subject to certain conditions.

If you want to make an alteration to help someone who is disabled you may be eligible for equipment and adaptations from the Council. The Council does have housing adapted for people with disabilities and when these become available, priority is given to people who need those adaptations. In order to be considered for an adapted property you will require an occupational therapy assessment.

To apply for permission to carry out your own alterations, please complete our Tenants alterations online form giving full details of what you propose to do.

Last Updated: 2 September 2021