Being asked to leave your home by Family, Friends

If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, please use our Housing Concerns Form to find out what help and support we can provide. Unfortunately, we can’t provide accommodation to everyone. How much help you can get will depend on your circumstances: you may get housing or personal advice from us to help you find or keep your home. If we can’t provide you with housing, we will always offer advice and guidance on what you can do.

Housing Concerns Form

Information and Advice

There is an incredibly short supply of housing available in MK. The properties that are available to allocate tend to go to those households in greatest need. If your family has asked you to leave, we will firstly (where it is safe to do so) ensure that you receive an offer of mediation through a support service to prevent you from becoming homeless. 

If this fails, the service will help you move into alternative accommodation in the private sector that is affordable to you. Emergency accommodation is far from an ideal move and every effort will be made to prevent or relieve your homelessness.

Please telephone or email us if you are worried about becoming homeless, so we can work with you to prevent this.

More information about our support service can be found on DePaul.


Last Updated: 26 October 2021