Property being Repossessed

If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, please use our Housing Concerns Form to find out what help and support we can provide. Unfortunately, we can’t provide accommodation to everyone. How much help you can get will depend on your circumstances: you may get housing or personal advice from us to help you find or keep your home. If we can’t provide you with housing, we will always offer advice and guidance on what you can do.

Housing Concerns Form

If you own your home and have fallen into mortgage arrears, the Housing Solutions Service will try to assist you in stopping the repossession. You should seek our help as soon as possible, when you first realise you may not be able to meet your mortgage payments or where you have already fallen into arrears.

We can assist with helping pay off your outstanding arrears, help with court papers and pausing evictions in exceptional circumstances (for example if you have recently lost your employment because of furlough, COVID19 or have an illness which has prevented you from working).

Please telephone or email us if you find yourself in this scenario, so we can work to prevent you from becoming homeless.


Last Updated: 21 July 2021