Housing Related Strategies, Policies and Plans

Housing impacts on many areas of daily life. This page sets out the strategies, policies and plans that shape services the council delivers to our residents.

MK Policies, Strategies and Plans

The top-level strategies that translate policy drivers.

  • Council Plan 2016-2022-  Sets out the council’s vision and overall priorities and programme of work for the period 2016-22
  • Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Business Plan 2020/21 - 2049/50 - This strategic plan  sets out the Council’s short to-medium term plans and priorities for its landlord services and provides a long term (30 year) perspective on stock investment and financial planning.
  • Housing Strategy 2020-2025 (PDF, 692KB) - Sets out the strategic direction for housing activity in Milton Keynes and a vision to provide good quality housing that meets everyone’s needs
  • MK 2050 - The MK Futures 2050 Commission report sets out a vision for Milton Keynes in 2050 and views on how to ‘Make a Great Borough Greater'
  • Plan MK - Is the Council’s new Local Plan. It sets out our growth ambitions between now and 2031 and the level of new homes, jobs and infrastructure needed to support this
  • Private Sector Housing Strategy 2021_2026 (PDF, 687KB)

Last Updated: 31 August 2021