Landlords – How would you like guaranteed rent and security of a long term let that you don’t have to worry about?


Heard horror stories of nightmare tenancies?


Worried you won’t get paid?


Wondering where you will find the money for costly repairs that aren’t your fault?


No time to do inspections?


Secure Lets

We do the hard work for you - with no management fees

House secured with chains

How can we help you?

We know you’re busy, so we manage your property completely free of charge. This will be the most stress free rental you have ever done - ever!

Our Secure Lets scheme is perfect for both new landlords and more experienced ones that just don’t have the time to advertise, find, interview and sign up tenants! 

It’s been a great success, we’re really proud of how many people and families in real need that we’ve been able to help. 

Many of our landlords show their confidence in the scheme by having multiple long term properties with us. 

Increasing mortgage rates and big changes to the economy means fewer people can afford the homes they currently live in. The number of people in MK needing affordable homes is going up at an alarming rate…



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Here’s how it works:

We become your tenant and sign a lease with you for a fixed term. We find a suitable family to live in your property and sublet to them. We ensure they keep it in good condition and we fix any day to day repairs that are needed.

You’ll always receive your rent on time and directly into your bank account, even if our tenant is late with payment or even if the property is empty - It doesn’t matter. 

We’ll only get in touch with you if it’s urgent, it’s that simple!

Take a look at some of the brilliant benefits we can offer you:

  • Guaranteed rent every month, even if no one is living there
  • Communication is quick, simple and doesn’t get confused
  • Inspections carried out monthly at the beginning of the tenancy and then we’ll carry out inspections every 3 months following that
  • Day-to-day repairs? – We’ve got it covered at no extra cost to you
  • No management fees, service fees or administration fees
  • You won’t pay for the utility or council tax bills, even if the property it’s empty
  • Your property returned to you in the condition you gave it to us
  • We don’t need you to provide white goods – we prefer unfurnished properties 

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What’s the catch?

There is none! 

We would love to welcome you and your property onto the scheme.

All we need is your contact details and we’ll do the rest. Complete the quick form below and click submit, that’s it!


Secure Lets enquiry form

Want to know more?

Frequently asked questions for landlords 

Alternatively you can:

call:01908 258070


We’ll be happy to help. 

Last Updated: 23 May 2019