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Secure Lets - Taking the stress out of renting your property


Thank you for your interest in Secure Lets - previously known as the Enhanced Private Sector Leasing Scheme (EPSL) from Milton Keynes Council.  

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Under the scheme, Milton Keynes Council becomes your tenant and signs a lease for a fixed term.  Throughout the period, the agreed rent is paid directly into your bank account.  Once the lease is signed the Council sub-lets the property to a suitable family using a licence.  Council officers visit the family at regular intervals to ensure that their tenancy is sustainable.  

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Secure Lets is suitable for both new and experienced landlords who do not have the time to advertise, interview and secure tenants and would like the security of guaranteed rent and a long-term let. The scheme has been working successfully with private sector landlords for many years and our free service helps to provide a successful outcome for landlords wishing to let their properties and for families in need.

The benefits of the scheme include:

  • Guaranteed rent each month, even during void periods

  • Inspections carried out monthly on commencement of tenancy and subsequently quarterly

  • 10% higher payments than Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate

  • Day-to-day repairs undertaken at no additional cost

  • No administration or service fees

  • Payment of utility and council tax bills for duration of lease.

  • Property returned in good condition taking into account fair wear and tear.

  • No obligation to provide white goods as we prefer unfurnished properties. 

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Last Updated: 22 September 2017