Leasehold Management and Service Charges

These pages have been created to provide information for existing Council leaseholders and for anyone who may be thinking of buying their Milton Keynes Council flat or maisonette.

We have tried to give as much information as possible on what being a leaseholder involves and what services leaseholders can expect from the Council.

People who buy their council flat or maisonette are known as leaseholders or lessees. Many are first-time buyers, so owning a property is a new challenge. We hope that this information will help you meet this challenge.

This information only provides a summary of the terms in most leases. It does not replace the terms of your lease, your statutory rights or any other legal agreement. Council leases are not all the same and vary depending on when they were first drawn up.

If you have a problem with the terms of your lease, you are strongly advised to obtain independent legal advice from a solicitor, a Law Centre or a Citizens Advice Bureau.

From time to time our policies will change, and so will the law. We may change any non-statutory procedures set out on these pages and will update this information and let you know when new editions are available.

Actuals & estimates


Buying the freehold



Deeds of variation

Extending your lease


Long term agreements

Losing your lease

Major works consultations

Neighbour nuisance

Payment difficulties

Payment methods

Querying service charges



Service charge loan scheme

Service charges


Councils main obligations

Leaseholders main obligations

What do service charges pay for?

Your lease

Last Updated: 30 November 2017