Clearing your home

Make sure that your home, garden or garage is left free of rubbish before you leave. If we have to remove any rubbish or bulky items left behind, we will charge you the cost of removing them. You must remove all your furniture, clothing, and rubbish. This includes any carpets or other floor coverings unless you have permission from the Moving Home team to leave them behind.

If you live in a multi-storey block, your caretaker will explain how to get rid of rubbish and bulky items properly. 

Don’t forget to leave your property clean and tidy. This includes all kitchen units, worktops and bathroom appliances.

Getting rid of bulky items

You can get rid of household rubbish and bulky items (furniture, washing machines, fridges and so on) at one of our public waste disposal sites (tips), or Environmental Services can collect items from your home, for a charge:

Gas and electricity

Don’t forget to contact your gas and electricity supplier to tell them the date you are leaving and your new address. If you have a credit meter, you will also need to take a meter reading as you leave and tell your supplier the meter reading to make sure that you are not charged for any used after you leave. 

Last Updated: 27 June 2019