Homelessness, Rough Sleeper Outreach and Winter Night Shelter

Reducing homelessness in Milton Keynes is a key priority and we are doing everything we can to help those most in need and keep them off the streets

Rough sleeper outreach project 

If you are sleeping rough or are concerned about someone sleeping rough please email Milton Keynes Rough Sleeper Outreach Project.

The Rough Sleeper Outreach Project is a partnership with Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, and Luton Councils to provide support for people who are homeless. The service will be provided by The Rough Sleeper Partnership (RSP) which will work with Open Door MK to identify, engage and provide much needed support to vulnerable people on the streets, sleeping rough and homeless.

You can also contact the 24hour national Street link service and they will take details and connect the team with the person you are concerned about.

Severe Weather Emergency Protocol

We want vulnerable people to be protected and provided for during the cold weather. The Severe Weather Emergency Protocol, which all councils follow, is designed to get rough sleepers off the streets when temperatures are very low.

The Ministry of Housing Community and Local Government advise that SWEP should be activated by a weather forecast predicting three consecutive nights, or more, of a temperature of zero degrees Celsius or lower.  SWEP is implemented on the first day of the Met Office forecast.

When SWEP ends, individuals will be asked to leave the emergency accommodation.


Winter Night Shelter

Due to Covid-19 the Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes will be operating differently during winter 2020-21. The WNSMK will primarily be focused on providing daytime support services from Unity Park Station (the Old Bus Station on Elder Gate) from mid-November 2020 to the end of March 2021.

  • Welfare support for rough sleepers including help with benefits and finding accommodation
  • Food and support via daytime Community Clubs
  • Showers and laundry facilities
  • Access to other support services such as therapy, counselling and life skills
  • Pathways to employment

An initial referral (or self-referral) should be made to the welfare team:

Welfare phone no: 07549 609427

Email: welfare@winternightsheltermk.com

Last Updated: 27 November 2020