Homeless or becoming homeless?

This page explains the help we offer if you are homeless or about to be homeless.

Reducing homelessness in Milton Keynes is a key priority and we are doing everything we can to help those most in need and keep them off the streets


Rough sleeper outreach project 

If you are sleeping rough or are concerned about someone sleeping rough please contact Milton Keynes Rough Sleeper Outreach Project. Rough Sleeper Outreach Project is a partnership with Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, and Luton Councils to provide support for people who are homeless. The service will be provided by The Rough Sleeper Partnership (RSP) which will work with Open Door MK to identify, engage and provide much needed support to vulnerable people on the streets, sleeping rough and homeless.

You can also contact the 24hour national Street link service and they will take details and connect the team with the person you are concerned about.

Severe Weather Emergency Protocol

We want vulnerable people to be protected and provided for during the cold weather. The Severe Weather Emergency Protocol, which all councils follow, is designed to get rough sleepers off the streets when temperatures are very low.

The Ministry of Housing Community and Local Government advise that SWEP should be activated by a weather forecast predicting three consecutive nights, or more, of a temperature of zero degrees Celsius or lower.  SWEP is implemented on the first day of the Met Office forecast.

When SWEP ends, individuals will be asked to leave the emergency accommodation.

Winter Night Shelter

The Winter Night Shelter is now open. 30 bed spaces are available each night, 7 days a week.  Each client will be assessed for a space.  Singles and couples 18+ years will be assessed but the project cannot cater for children. 

While staying, clients will be able to book a bed for the following day.  While this may impact on availability, it does mean that support workers will have time to work with clients to seek more permanent accommodation. Clients are allowed a 28 day stay, but this is flexible.

To make a self-referral, please telephone the project direct on 07549 609427 or email: welfare@winternightsheltermk.com


What is homelessness?

You may be homeless if you have nowhere to live or you are about to lose your home.

Milton Keynes  Council provides an emergency service to help those who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

You do not have to wait until you are homeless before you contact us. If you think you are at risk of losing your home, please contact us as soon as you can, we may be able to prevent it, or at least advise you on your legal rights to remain in your home for as long as possible.

If we are unable to prevent you becoming homeless you will need to meet a specific legal criteria or we will be limited to providing you with advice and assistance.

If you think you are already homeless it would be best to talk to us in person.

It will help us if you bring all of the following information:

  • Immigration papers.

  • Passport for each person in your household.

  • Full birth certificates for any children.

  • Proof of any state benefits you receive such as job seekers allowances, family tax credits and child benefit.

  • Proof of any income/earnings your household may have.

  • Copies of any court documents such as possession order, bailiffs warrant etc

  • Copy of the tenancy agreement.

  • Proof you have been living at the address you are homeless from.


Advice about homelessness

We offer support and help whether you're homeless or worried about becoming homeless.

Under the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017, we:

  • provide advice and carry out prevention work, so that where possible, people can be supported to remain in their current home;
  • offer everyone who is homeless or at risk of homelessness access to meaningful help, irrespective of their priority need status, as long as they are eligible for assistance; and, carry out prevention and relief work for anyone threatened with homelessness within 56 days


Helpful guidance explaining these changes can be found in fact sheets produced by the Government and in further detail in the code of guidance which sets out what Local Authorities, like Milton Keynes, must follow to deliver the required homelessness services.

Understanding the impact of Homelessness Programmes and the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017

Final Privacy Infromation Leaflet pptx (PPTX, 125KB)


Preventing homelessness

If you're homeless or threatened with homelessness, we can help. We'll always try to prevent you from becoming homeless in the first instance.

There are lots of services to help you to stay in your current home, including help with mortgage advice, or relationship breakdown.

If staying in your current home isn't an option, we can help you or other alternatives.

Last Updated: 11 February 2020