Regeneration in Serpentine Court

In September 2017 we started meeting residents and stakeholders in Serpentine Court. We hosted a programme of events to get residents involved in developing the regeneration plan options.

Serpentine Court Regeneration Timeline


  • On 16 and 17 November 2018, a referendum ballot was held for all Serpentine Court Residents to vote on the option they preferred.
  • 84% of Serpentine Court residents voted. 93% of these (175) residents favoured Option C - full redevelopment.
  • This is a great achievement for the Serpentine Court Resident Steering Group and all who have supported the group to make this happen.

More information Serpentine Court Ballot on Proposals

What will happen next?

Now a decision has been made by Serpentine Court Residents, further design events, leading to a planning submission in spring / summer 2019, will be planned in advance. Work should start on building new homes in 2020.

Key project documents

Regeneration Update April 2020

Exhibition January 2020

Pre-planning exhibition
A Pre-Planning Application Exhibition took place in January 2020 to share information about the planning application.
Leaflets were distributed to all homes in the Lakes Estate with the help of local volunteers.

Lakes Summer Exhibition July 2019

Design Exhibition September 2019

Lakes From Above February 2019
In February 2019, we held our ‘Lakes From Above’ event to look at the open spaces in the estate, and the improvements that residents want to see.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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