Fullers Slade Regeneration

Engagement started on Fullers Slade in July 2017. Through engagement with the community, we explored different ways in which Fullers Slade could improve and came up with 3 options. In 2019, Residents voted for option 3 in the regeneration ballot.
Find out more - regeneration ballot.

Impact of coronavirus (October 2021)

Milton Keynes Council previously introduced new measures to protect our most vulnerable, and to ensure it continues to provide essential services.

MKC’s Regeneration team on Fullers Slade is remaining to be active, and although some of the projects and initiatives continue to be held remotely, we are starting to hold some in-person activities.  

Communities will be advised when they are taking place, and risk assessments will be carried out to ensure any in-person activities are carried out safely.

The following work continues to progress:

  • We’re continuing to work on procurement and delivery arrangements
  • We’ve developed an Estate Renewal Forum as well as sub-groups on Fullers Slade ensuring the community remains well informed and continue to contribute to the regeneration process
  • If anybody would like to contact us for further advice and information, please use the details below
If you would like further advice or information, please contact:
Sasha Childs, Community Engagement Officer
Sasha.childs@milton-keynes.govuk or 07557318943