Fullers Slade Resident Steering Group (FSRSG)

The Fullers Slade Resident Steering Group (FSRSG) is made up of 15 residents from a mix of tenancies. They are supported by independent advisers, PPCR. The group plays a central role in the regeneration of the area. They scrutinise and advise on Milton Keynes Council's engagement with residents, making sure residents are a key partner in the process.

Who we are

The Fullers Slade Resident Steering Group (FSRSG) must comprise of a minimum of 12 residents, maximum 20 with no fewer than two residents per street and representation from each tenure (private, council & homeowner).

The FSRSG has Terms of Reference (PDF, 92KB) outlining the aims & objectives of the group.

The group has a chair & vice chair, important roles to ensure the group is chaired and remains focused. Introduction to the residents undertaking this role, is as follows:


Sylvia the Chair

I have lived here for 21 years. My previous careers have been as a specialist counsellor and manager of an unemployment training centre. I am passionate about empowering others. Personally, I am open minded about the proposed regeneration and have no bias towards any particular option. I have faith in the co-design process and am keen to encourage and motivate as many residents as possible to get involved as much as possible.


Heather the Vice Chair

I have been a resident of Fullers Slade for 16 years and am very passionate about the estate. 

The best thing about living here is the people.  Everybody is so caring with a strong sense of community, a spirit like no other I have witnessed and I have lived on big estates.

I'm the director of the Small Projects team and have come up with ideas like ‘Regen-a-Tea’ – a chance to go out and meet the residents to discuss the regeneration over a cup of tea. 



The FSRSG hold their own independent monthly meetings to review and scrutinise the regeneration process. The Chair of the FSRSG also sits on the Milton Keynes Council regeneration project board, ensuring that residents ideas and vision for the future is achieved. The following page holds a full record of meetings, minutes and agendas on Fullers Slade.



The FSRSG, in conjunction with Milton Keynes Council, publish a monthly newsletter to provide regular updates on regeneration and other key activities taking place on Fullers Slade, the the latest edition (PDF, 432KB) can be found here.

If you wish to contact the FSRSG, email the group at "fullerssladeRSG@yahoo.com". 


Support to the group

PPCR are the independent resident advisors working in Fullers Slade. They were chosen by a public vote by residents in July 2017. PPCR support and advise residents in Fullers Slade throughout the regeneration process.

Last Updated: 17 April 2019