Repairing Council Homes In Regeneration Areas

Milton Keynes Council are committed to ensuring all council homes are:


Heating systems to all homes are working and services regularly

Gas and electrical safety tests are carried out in every home in line with guidelines and legislation

Roofs and windows are in good condition to keep homes free from water leaks and draughts

Windows, doors and property boundaries provide adequate security

From April 2017 to March 2018, 13,000 repair jobs have been completed across the seven regeneration areas.  This is equal to 65% of repairs from all council homes across Milton Keynes. 


Repair or Replace?

Where possible, the approach is to repair rather than replace.  However, where larger items such as kitchens, bathrooms and boilers are no longer repairable they will be replaced.  This is referred to as investment works.  Each home is considered on an individual basis, regardless of location to ensure council homes are maintained to an acceptable living condition. 

We will carry out most repairs but there are some that tenants have a responsibility for.  Please visit Your Responsibilities for more information. 

Last Updated: 20 March 2021