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Find out about Milton Keynes Council's regeneration programme - what it is and how it is going to be done through a new partnership called YourMK


What is RegenerationMK and who are YourMK?

RegenerationMK is the Council’s regeneration programme focused on making positive and long lasting differences for people and families in Milton Keynes.  We will do this by improving homes and neighbourhoods, providing opportunities to get jobs and training, and supporting the involvement of local people and groups in their community.

The RegenerationMK 2030 Strategy outlines the vision and priorities which the Council have committed to deliver and these are:


1. Through community development we are working in priority neighbourhoods to build the skills, knowledge and confidence of people and community groups to enable them to play a role in the development of their communities

To see what our Communities Team are doing and how you can get involved follow this link to Communities


2. We are tackling the root causes of poverty by improving access to employment and increasing income levels.

Our Neighbourhood Employment Programme (NEP) has job clubs running daily across Milton Keynes to increase access to employment and training.  For more information about the NEP and job clubs closest to you click on the link. 

3. We will deliver transformational change across the city focusing on priority neighbourhoods for investment.

In 2013, the Council started a search to find the right private sector company to work with to deliver the repairs and maintenance to all council owen properties and deliver a regeneration programme in Milton Keynes.  

After an extensive search, Milton Keynes Council's Cabinet agreed, on December 21st 2015, to form a partnership with Mears Group plc.  This partnership is called YourMK.


YourMK is responsible for repairing and maintaining over 11,500 council owned properties and will lead on a programme of regeneration

 Repairs and Maintenance to Council homes

To request a repair, please call the 24 hour, 7 days a week number 0330 123 2522

For gas servicing or repairs call YourMK 0330 123 2522



Key Messages

We understand that some people may have been alarmed by reports of the regeneration of their neighbourhood and what this could mean for their home, their family and their community. We want to reassure our residents that no decisions have been made, and no regeneration plans have been developed.  

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