Rough Sleeper Team FAQs

What is the Rough Sleeping Team?

A dedicated and bespoke team established to help our most vulnerable residents who are rough sleeping or have rough sleeping lifestyles.

What is rough sleeping?

Rough sleeping is the most visible and extreme form of homelessness, where people risk harm by sleeping outside or spaces not designed to be lived in because they do not have anywhere else to go.

What happens when someone is found rough sleeping?

Our outreach support workers will visit the rough sleeper where they are bedding down to verify their homelessness. They then begin working to encourage they access our holistic support, including accessing appropriate accommodation

Is there criteria for help and who do we work with?

Anyone who is rough sleeping, bedded down outside or living a rough sleeper lifestyle is able to access the support of the Rough Sleeper Team.

How will the Rough Sleeping Team help me?

We will help you with all aspects of daily living, accessing benefits and medical care, assist with support from mental health and substance misuse services, offending prevention, training and employment, statutory homelessness assessments and housing advice.

Can the Rough Sleeping Team provide accommodation?

We offer a pathway to low to high need supported housing offering dedicated support packages to achieve rehabilitation goals. We also work closely with colleagues in Housing Solutions for statutory homeless assessments, privately renting options and social housing.

Who can I contact out of hours?

If you need assistance outside of office hours you can contact Milton Keynes Council's out of hours emergency telephone number on 01908 226699.

When do the outreach Support Workers operate?

Our outreach support workers actively assist our rough sleeping residents on the street from 6am to 2pm, Mon-Fri, with a future aim of support until 9pm, seven days a week.

What do I do if I see a rough sleeper or bedding/a tent?

Members of the public who are concerned about anyone rough sleeping can call the national 24-hour rough sleeping referral line ‘StreetLink’ on 0300 500 0914 or visit

What should I do if find drug related paraphernalia?

Do not touch the item(s) unless it poses an immediate danger to you or others. If there is something available, place it on top of the item prevent access. Note the exact location of the item and what is present. Report the find to Milton Keynes Council Waste Services on 01908 254173.


Last Updated: 8 October 2021