Secure Lets - Frequently asked questions for landlords


What documents will I have to provide?

As part of the sign-up process, Landlords will be asked to provide the following documents:

House secured with chains
  • Proof of Ownership
    This can be a Land Registry certificate, a solicitor’s letter confirming purchase of the property, or a current mortgage statement. If the property is being managed by a third party, a letter of authority will be needed from the owner telling us who is representing them.


  • Confirmation of Agreement to let from Mortgage Lender
    This must be on letter headed paper or can be a document that is signed and stamped from your mortgage provider


  • Confirmation of Agreement to let from Freeholder
    If you own your property on a long lease, you may need the agreement of the Freeholder in order to let your property.  This must be on letter headed paper or other official document


  • Gas Safety Certificate with any defects remedied
    If your property has gas appliances, compliance with the gas safety regulations is essential. To comply, a registered Gas Safe operative must issue a safety certificate annually. For more information, visit the Gas Safe website:


  • Electrical Installation Condition Report with grade 1 & 2 defects remedied and agreement to rectify any other defects that are discovered during the inspection.
    An electrical installation condition report should be carried out by competent operative, (an ECA or NICEIC qualified electrician) at regular intervals. For more information visit



  • Landlord’s Building Insurance
    You’ll need to give us a copy of the policy, a summary of the risks covered by the policy and please tell us of any requirements of the insurers


What standard does my property have to be in?

  • We ask for properties to be unfurnished and in a clean and safe condition. Safety matters typically cover such things as the having  window restrictors in upper rooms, doorstops, fire blanket, carbon monoxide alarms and working smoke detectors

  • We‘ll arrange a visit to discuss with you any work that is needed prior to sigh-up. For guidance on property standards, please take a look at this link

I’ve had a change in circumstances; can I have my property back?

  • Yes, no problem, we’ll be sad to see you go but there is a two month get-out clause in the lease. We’ll need your notice in writing

Will the payments increase or decrease during the lease?

  • The payments will stay exactly the same each month throughout the letting period

What happens if there are rent arrears?

  • We give you guaranteed rent that is paid a month in advance and comes straight from us at Milton Keynes Council. We sublet to a tenant and claim back from them, so you don’t need worry whatever the situation you’ll always be paid

Do you carry out all repairs?

  • We’ll deal with any minor, day-to-day repairs at no additional cost to you.  If there are major repairs such as a replacement boiler or structural problems identified, we’ll let you know as soon as possible but these will normally be your responsibility to sort out

What if the tenant causes damage to my property or is a nuisance to neighbours?

  • We’ll make sure we keep in regular contact with our tenant. We even do a one-month inspection at the property at the beginning of your tenancy with us and we do inspections every 3 months after, so you’ll always have peace of mind.
    Tenants aren’t allowed to have pets in the property, and we are very clear on this from the start. They can’t make any changes to the interior or smoke in the property.
    We are pleased to say there have been no issues of our tenants damaging properties However if this did happen, we’d make sure the cost of the repairs were resolved between ourselves and the tenant, meaning a lot less hassle for you

What happens if I need to go round to the property?

  • If there is reason for you to visit the property, all we ask is that you give us 48 hours’ notice so we can let our tenant know

Is it my responsibility to maintain gas and electrical or any other checks for the duration of the lease?

  • Yes, you will be responsible for maintaining buildings insurance during your time with us. If the electrical installation condition report needs to be redone, you’ll need to arrange this too

  • Where there is a gas supply to your property, Health & Safety Legislation says that it is the Landlord’s duty to ensure that the annual gas safety check is done every year but don’t panic we can always help you with this. If you have your own gas maintenance contractor, you’ll need to let us know the date and time in advance  of this check being done. This is so that we can let our tenant know. Or if you’d prefer we can arrange our contractor to go round to the property and carry out the check. We’ll make sure the certificate is kept on file and we’ll send you a copy. We’ll even send you a reminder when it’s due. Just let us know what’s easier for you

Are there any differences in payments for a flat or a house?

  • No, we base payment only on the number of bedrooms, regardless of what the property is or condition of it. Bedrooms must meet minimum sizes, which you’ll find defined in the Housing Health & Safety Rating Regulations

What condition will you return my property in?

  • We’ll make sure your property is returned back to you in the same condition you gave it to us in, however we‘ll need to take into consideration fair wear and tear

Do I still have to pay the service charges?

  • In blocks of flats, any service charges will be your responsibility

What do I need to do about Carbon monoxide and smoke alarms?

  • THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! From 1 October 2015 You’ll need to make sure you have both smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in your property as per The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015.

  • There should be a smoke alarm on every floor of your property. Carbon Monoxide detectors should be put in high-risk rooms, such as where gas cookers and hobs, wood burning stoves and open gas fires are located

Last Updated: 18 July 2018