Landlord Cash Incentive Scheme and How to Register


We would like all landlords with properties in Milton Keynes or in other locations to join the scheme and offer prospective tenants an assured shorthold tenancy for 6,12, 24 months or longer. The financial incentive is determined by the size of the property, and it is paid directly to landlords. Milton Keynes Council offers competitive rates to landlords.

Some landlords require a deposit and/or rent in advance. The Landlords Cash Incentive Scheme is not designed for this purpose, deposit and/or rent in advance can be paid in addition to the landlord by either Discretionary Housing Payment if a prospective tenant is claiming housing benefit or universal credit or we can make payment via the Homelessness Prevention Fund


Local Housing Allowance  Weekly Rate

6 month AST  Cash Incentive

12 month AST Cash Incentive

24 month AST Cash Incentive

Room *





1 Bed





2 Bed





3 Bed





4/5 bed





*Total cash incentive paid on 4/5 bed property not per individual rooms

  Landlord cash incentives are payable in addition to rent in advance/deposit

It is important that your asset is protected, and we will endeavour to ensure that the right tenants are chosen for your property. 

Benefits of the Landlord Cash Incentive Scheme

The Supply & Acquisitions team will support landlords:

  • You will not pay anything to join the landlords cash incentive scheme
  • We will help you find tenants
  • Tenants are available immediately
  • You will keep full control over your property
  • You could receive benefit payments directly
  • We will carry out an inspection in your property to make sure it meets Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) standards, this inspection is free and if your property fails, we will give you advice & guidance in how to make it suitable
  • Provide standard assured shorthold tenancy templates for use.
  • Provide an advice and guidance service to all private sector landlords in tenancy management
  • Help prevent eviction

Items which will be needed / things to check

Before a tenancy commences all tenants should be given copies of the property’s  


The service has implemented a Dynamic Purchasing System to secure and attract private sector Landlords with properties to rent. The booking process to the ADAM Housing Platform works along  with the Temporary Accommodation Housing sector, suppliers and private landlords can be accredited onto the platform at any point. 

To ensure all Suppliers and private landlords are operating to the same standards, there is a minimum quality criterion which must be met in order to join and maintain a presence on the platform.

Last Updated: 1 July 2021