Landlord Cash Incentive Scheme

Landlords can receive up to £2,670 as a cash incentive from MK Council if they’re able offer longer tenancies to local families. 

The cash incentive is determined by the size of the property and is paid directly to landlords on top of deposits or rent in advance - which the Council will pay.

Working with MK Council has even more benefits for landlords:

  • The Council helps landlords find new tenants - no more advertising your property, or properties lying empty.
  • A dedicated team to support landlords with advice and gudiance 
  • The Council carries out a free inspection to make sure all properites meet Housing Health & Safety Standards (HHSRS) and can help landlords bring any properties that fail up to the standard - including paying some of the bills

How much can you earn? (based on agreeing a two-year tenancy)

  • £2,670 – 4 bed home
  • £2,010 – 3 bed home
  • £1,700 – 2 bed home
  • £1,340 – 1 bed home

How to register

The booking process for the ADAM Housing Platform works in partnership with suppliers and private landlords who can be accrediated at any time.

 There is also a user guide "Signing up to Adam Housing" (PDF, 800KB) for completing your registration 

Last Updated: 25 March 2022