Supply and Acquisitions Service

The Supply and Acquisitions Service sources affordable homes for residents who are in need.  We aim to raise the standards in the private rental sector by educating landlords and supporting our residents to access the right type of accommodation. Our team is fully trained in sourcing and giving advice on private sector properties as it is important that landlords assets are protected,

The Service works in partnership with the Private Sector Housing Team to provide information, advice and services including: 

Landlord Cash Incentive Scheme and how to register with us

The Landlord Cash Incentive Scheme provides a financial incentive to Private Sector Landlords, the incentive is determined by the size of the property, and it is paid directly to landlords.  We invite all landlords with properties in Milton Keynes or in other locations to join the scheme and offer prospective tenants an assured shorthold tenancy for 6,12, 24 months or longer.

There are several additional benefits afforded by the landlords’ cash incentive scheme:

  • It is an important solution to help the Council prevent homelessness for those households who approach for assistance.
  • It provides better outcomes for residents through offering affordable housing solutions.
  • It provides better outcomes for the Council through reducing reliance on more expensive temporary accommodation.
  • Prospective tenants supported through this scheme are given the opportunity to resettle and reduce dependency on the Council.