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Before you start searching for your new career, we've made the chart below to give you a guide to where you might be best suited.

It's not set in stone but if you're just starting out in care or are coming from another industry then we hope that it's useful. Once you have gone through the diagram to see what would suit you best you can read more about the jobs below.

Care academy questionnaire

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Job Roles 

There are a range of roles the Care Academy can offer. Take a look below to see which one (or more than one) might suit you.

Day services

Supported Living

Home Care

Care and Response

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Day Centre Worker (DOCX, 51KB)

This is a chance to work with some very vulnerable older people on a daily basis. At day care we help people to take part in all sorts of activities such as craft, quizzes, music based activities as well as assisting them at meal time and sometimes to have a shower or use the toilet. Many of the people that come to day care have dementia so the days are planned specially to help them cope with daily life and to have a day out that is fun but not challenging.

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Driver Day Services Worker (DOCX, 52KB)

In this role you will be driving people from their home to the day service in a minibus. It's more than just picking them up, you will need to go into the house and make sure the older person is ready and the house is safe when they leave. At the centre you will join in with the activities and care provision, assisting with lunches and other care tasks. Going home it's important to settle the client into their home and make sure they are safe and comfortable before you leave. On the transport you will have a passenger assistant so the clients are never left alone.

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Care Assistant (DOC, 85KB)

The care assistant role is a vital role in the daily care of our service users. All our older people need some care and this can range from help with getting dressed to washing, showering using the toilet, giving medication or providing full care in bed. Every day is different and it is your powers of observation that we rely on. Some people will be unable to communicate pain or discomfort but you will get to know them and what they are telling you. Most people are pleased to see their carer as they want to get ready for the day or are ready to go to bed, but at times they are not so pleased and on these days you will know how far you can persuade someone by a bit of chat to have a bath for instance or if it one of those days when they really want to be left and perhaps have a bath later.

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Home Carer (DOC, 116KB)

A home carer looks after someone with a range of complex needs enabling them to live an independent life within their own homes through the delivery of a personal care service. This includes assistance with social and emotional support where appropriate to do so. Every client has different needs but these tasks will be common to many: 

  1. Providing general personal care such as helping with bathing, washing hair, incontinence and dressing.
  2. Companionship is important too so it is important to be cheery and positive, ready for a chat and to listen to their stories.
  3. Helping those with dementia on a short-term or long-term basis.

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Care and Response Operator (DOC, 185KB)

A care and response operator works as a mobile warden responding to emergencies and dealing with alarm equipment, or to work as a control operator assessing and escalating actions in response to alarm calls or out-of-hours services. To help maintain the independence of service users in their own homes and to work closely with other services especially out of hours.

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Team Leader (DOC, 84KB)

Team leaders are the eyes and ears of the manager. They are involved in organising the daily care and making sure it is carried out to a high standard. If anything changes it is the team leaders who will be informed and work with the manager to put things right or change the care package to suit the individual. It is a post that spans across between manager and carers doing some of each role as the need arises. The team leaders give advice and guidance to the carers and assist them in any way they can.

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Manager (DOC, 65KB)

The day services manager role is wide and varied. The manager works closely with the team leaders to ensure the care, safety and welfare of both staff and service users is considered at all times. Although the role is primarily building based the manager is also responsible for running day service transport and the assessment and review of service users. Although day services are not inspected by CQC every effort is made to run the service to the standards set down in the Fundamental Standards of Care.

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Registered Manager (DOC, 123KB)

This role of the registered manager is one that the requirements are laid down in law. This is to ensure that suitable people are recruited to manage and monitor the care in their service. It is a role that comes not only in  the law but also into the key lines of enquiry that the service is inspected against by CQC. You will have experience built up over many years in care and also have sound management abilities. The manager needs to respond appropriately to all emergency situations and be prepared to work outside of the usual office hours. It’s a huge role, but one that is also hugely rewarding.

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Career Progression

When you've had a chance to see where you might start with us, you'll probably want to know what happens when you start your career.

To give you an idea, we've created the charts below as an example.

support carer pathway

(You can download the diagram above from the panel to the side)

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Last Updated: 21 January 2019