Public Art in MK

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Public Art in MK

"Public Art in Milton Keynes is about inviting the vision, creativity and skills of artists, to engage people freely with place, in a well-considered way."

Over the last 40 years, Milton Keynes has developed an excellent reputation for Public Art development, with over 220 Public Artworks across the city. The Public Art Unit within Milton Keynes Council supports the commissioning of new pieces and the care and conservation of existing works.  See below for information on our newest collection 'Transform'.


Transform - MKPortal
MKPortal in CMK Underpass by Will Nash


About our Public Art Collection

A selection of artwork trails are available here: Trails, Guides & Walks


Boyd & Evans Fiction Non Fiction
Fiction, Non-Fiction & Reference by Boyd & Evans at CMK Library



Also read about the Boyd and Evans Public Art  (PDF, 330KB) in a leaflet about their commissions in Milton Keynes.

All commissions are listed on the Arts Council News Bulletin as they arise and will be in the Arts Update email. Drop us a line if you'd like to receive it:


Milton Keynes Council supports developers to meet their Section 106 obligations [legal requirement for creating new developments] for Public Art. These projects are listed in the Public Art Strategy.



Schools being built and those with major refurbishments in Milton Keynes allocate a public art budget through the "% for Art" scheme. The public art team supports these projects by engaging an artist; co-ordinating workshops and facilitating installation of artwork.  


New Public Art in MK

Milton Keynes Council works with cultural partners and developers to create artwork for new developments and areas of the Borough. Artists' provide blogs on their work as it is developed and below are links to these blogs providing information on these commissions:


Porte Cochere Visuals
Porte Cochere Artwork







In 2008 Michael Pinsky was invited to develop a curatorial proposal for public artworks and interventions in Central Milton Keynes. In response to this artists have been invited to interpret the Porte Cocheres and other covered walkways. These four temporary artworks are the result of this phase of work. ‘The three hundred and one Porte Cocheres populating the centre of Milton Keynes differentiate this town from any other in Britain. These structures, which resemble minimalist sculptures, offer temporary shelter to pedestrians crossing roads and act as markers for the grid of pedestrian routes which weaves through the town. A Porte Cochere (French porte-cochère) literally ‘coach door’, is the architectural term for a porch or portico-like structure at the entrance to a building, through which it is possible for a horse and carriage or motor vehicle to pass, in order for the occupants to alight under cover, protected from the weather.’ Michael Pinsky curatorial report 2008

Four artists have been commissioned; those artist are Michel de Broin, David Batchelor, Sam Jacob & Will Nash.  You can download a leaflet about the work: Transform (PDF, 217KB)




Last Updated: 11 April 2018