Community Asset Transfer

Over the next 12-18 months our priorities for freehold asset transfers will focus around play areas and open space given the size of the savings potential for Milton Keynes Council.

Regarding Community Centres we are always open to consider requests for transfer whilst also balancing the need to make the maximum saving possible to Milton Keynes Council with minimum additional workload.


Asset Transfer Research Update

Please note: the C.A.T. programme is not part of the Localism Community Rights legislation that provides communities with rights to bid. Further information on these rights can be found on the Community Right to Bid website.

The basis of the offer of freehold is set out in the draft transfer document and the draft pre-emption agreement, listed within related links. The success of any transfer is dependent upon these terms being accepted by the third party organisation.  In entering into the transfer the applicant confirms they have inspected the property and are content, by their own enquiries, surveys, or judgement, with the current state and condition of the property and thereby take the property as it stands.

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Last Updated: 18 July 2018