International Working

Developing international partnerships, collaborations and networks is an integral part of the Creative and Cultural Strategy (C&CS) 2018 – 2027 (PDF, 349KB) delivering MK’s aspiration to become an international cultural destination.  The new Strategy and Delivery Framework have brought together the following strategic requirements into one document and one overarching ‘Design City’ focused programme.

  • the Milton Keynes Council (MKC) Council Plan 2016 – 2020 to position Milton Keynes as a European Destination City;
  • The European Capital of Culture Different by Design ‘Plan B’ direction of travel 2017 - 2023 shared with DCMS and Arts Council;
  • The MK Futures 2050 Report Recommendations, principally, though not exclusively, through Big Project 6, The Creative and Cultural City, which challenges Milton Keynes to build on the success of its fiftieth ‘birthday’ celebrations in 2017, to exploit its unique design heritage as the largest New Town ever constructed in Europe.

These strategic objectives are fully aligned to ensure a clear focus on delivery, enabling decisions that result in a direct and tangible benefit to Milton Keynes.  There are also other creative opportunities around the ‘Go, See Learn, Share’ strand and the International Programme strand of the Creative and Cultural Strategy, which connects our sector partners with international organisations for mutual benefit.


Progress so far

Reinventing our New Town to meet the demands for future growth, whilst celebrating our unique design heritage and identity is an important priority; through our international projects, networks and activities, we are committed to placing our residents at the heart of this discussion and debate, with culture seen as a real driver for positive change.

2018 was a successful year in commencing this new way of working through developing partnerships and networks primarily around a Design City programme – ensuring that Milton Keynes continues to be seen as a case study model on how city planners, architects and developers can work together to ensure people live well in cities now and into the future.  Our two main projects taking this forward have been:

  1. EU Europe for Citizens, New Town, Arrival Cities Project  (PDF, 310KB)
  2. New Town Heritage Research Network  (PDF, 225KB)

In 2019, the building of the ‘Design City’ networks will continue to be a priority. Through partnership development with key international partners such as the International New Town Institute and Academy of Urbanism, Milton Keynes will continue to recognised for its pivotal position connecting new towns and other cities facing growth across the UK and Europe.



Last Updated: 9 August 2019