An Approach to Devolution


Milton Keynes Council recognises that devolution of assets and services to local communities, parish and town councils (given their locality base) makes a significant contribution to enabling local areas to be stronger, more resilient and sustainable. In addition, this provides the opportunity for residents to have greater ownership of local assets and a real say in their future.

We recognise that there are many ways to achieve this agenda (including 999 year leases, freehold transfers, management contracts, etc).  We recognise the value of enabling local community partners to assume responsibility for local assets and local services and we want to empower these organisations that may be best placed to take on these assets and deliver services.

You can find our approach to Devolution of Assets (Facilities) and Services here.

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Please note: the Approach to Devolution of Assets (Facilities) and Services is not part of the Localism Community Rights legislation that provides communities with rights to bid. Further information on these rights can be found on the Community Right to Bid pages.

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Last Updated: 25 January 2021