Health Condition Programmes

If you are new to exercise, have not done it for a while, or if you have been advised to be active to control a medical condition, Milton Keynes has 3 specialised exercise courses available to support you, coordinated by the Council.

  • AMKERS – Exercise programme for inactive or general health conditions
  • U Can AMKERS - Cancer prehab/rehab programme
  • KAKW - Keep Active Keep Well - Low level respiratory condition programme

Your local GP specialist nurse or other health professional can refer you to the programmes.  So, check you are suitable and ask them to complete a referral to the programme for you.

The courses are delivered in various leisure facilities across Milton Keynes, in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Appropriately trained staff members specialise your programme to support your needs.

See below for further information about each course. If in doubt, please contact the referral scheme coordinator.


Active Milton Keynes Exercise Referral Scheme (AMKERS)

Who for: Do you need help getting active, are you overweight, or have you got a controlled medical condition which being active can help? The AMKERS programme is for you. 


12-week programme, of one-to-one or small group activity, up to two 1hr sessions per week.

Activities include gym-based exercise, swimming, or gentle exercise classes.

The instructor will undertake an initial health assessment and support you through a personal programme tailored to your need, and finish with a final assessment at the end of the programme. 

Aim: The programme will aim to give you confidence to exercise independently beyond the course.

Cost: The referral programme is at a discounted rate to the leisure facility fee.



Who for: The U Can AMKERS programme is a specialised Cancer exercise programme, to support individuals who have been newly diagnosed with cancer, and for those undergoing or post cancer treatment. The programme can be started anytime in your treatment pathway.

Programme: Following an initial assessment with the instructor, you will be offered two sessions a week. The programme will run for a minimum of 4 weeks (prehab) up to 12 weeks (rehab), offering similar activities and group sizes to those within the AMKERS programme (above). However, the instructors allow more breaks to support possible fatigue.

Referral: For the U Can programme, please make sure a referral is made to AMKERS.

Cost: The referral programme is at a discounted rate to the leisure facility fee.


Keep Active Keep Well (KAKW)  

Who for: The Milton Keynes Keep Active Keep Well respiratory programme aims to support individuals with low level respiratory conditions, to help self-manage the breathlessness. 

Programme: This is a 10-week programme, across 2 hours each week. It offers a variety of different exercise opportunities and classroom-based learning about your condition. The course is delivered in a group of up to 15 people.

Additional inhaler technique workshops and respiratory nurse visits are included. 

Aim: The course aims to make you feel confident to take up alternative exercise opportunities and enables you to socialise with others with similar conditions.

Cost: The KAKW course is subsidised by MKCCG and therefore there is only a nominal charge of £1 per session. 

Last Updated: 1 June 2020